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Buffalo, New York, Workplace Injury

Some injuries that occur at work could not have been foreseen or prevented. But there are also injuries that could have and should have been prevented by the employer. When this is, or might be, the situation, you have a right to pursue a claim against your employer for their negligence at the workplace. Workplace injuries differ from workers’ compensation cases. Workplace injuries are preventable. Workers’ compensation is a safety guard for you and your employer after an injury does occur. Here are some successes from workplace injury claims:

  • Plaintiff receives $800,000 settlement. A 34-year-old plaintiff fell 30 feet through improperly erected scaffolding, suffering several fractured bones and requiring surgery. Permanently limited to light-duty work, this plaintiff settled for $800,000.
  • Plaintiff accepts $700,000 settlement. While working as a bus driver, our 56-year-old client was t-boned by a garbage truck. The accident left our client unable to resume work after undergoing shoulder and back surgeries.

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