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Buffalo, NY Product Liability/Defective Products

Consumers are injured far too often from products that are defective or malfunction. Companies have a responsibility to manufacture products and goods that can be safely used by a consumer. Product liability or defective product claims sometimes need to be addressed by witnesses in the industry to prove your claim. You need attorneys by your side with the knowledge and experience to handle such complex matters. We have experience in product liability claims involving:

  • Defective products
  • Defective manufacturing
  • Lack of proper warning labels to consumers
  • Food defects
  • Drug defects

You may not know whether your claim qualifies as a products liability claim, but we are happy to help you and listen to your story, discuss the matter with you and assess your claim. Contact a Buffalo, NY-based defective product legal professional today at 716-882-AUTO or fill out the contact form at the side of this page.