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Buffalo, NY Truck Accident Attorneys

Too often law firms treat truck accidents the same as auto accidents when the laws differ greatly. This can end up hurting your case. For example, commercial trucks are generally much larger and heavier than automobiles, so truck drivers must exercise a higher degree of care when operating their motor vehicle because in an accident, more severe injuries may result due to the difference in size. On top of that, trucks may be transporting hazardous cargo, which may cause additional damage and problems. Truck accidents can be very serious. You deserve to be compensated for the accident.

There are certain details to pay close attention to when bringing a claim involving a truck. Our Buffalo, NY attorneys have experience with many truck accident claims and we know what to look for. Common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Truck driver’s recklessness
  • Truck driver’s lack of sleep
  • Defective area of the truck that caused the accident

We know what to look for at the scene to help your case. Call us to be sure you are represented by attorneys who have experience handling truck accident cases. Please contact us at 716-882-AUTO or fill out the contact form at the side of this page. Our Buffalo, NY-based truck accident legal professionals are waiting to hear from you.